The Power of Prosecutors

Michigan is facing an incarceration crisis that is tearing apart families, fueling racial injustice, and costing the state billions — while at the same time failing to improve public safety.

No single person has more power in Michigan to bring this crisis to an end than your PROSECUTING ATTORNEY — a locally elected official, who decides who to charge, what to charge, and ultimately how many people sit behind bars. And they work for you.

Find out which candidates in your community support the ACLU of Michigan’s Smart Justice platform, which aims to make our justice system truly just, and create safer communities for everyone.

The ACLU of Michigan is a nonpartisan organization and does not support or endorse candidates.

Your County’s Race

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Meet the Candidates for: Oakland County

These are the candidates for Oakland County. Below are links to their full questionnaire response which contains questions not shown in addition to those featured here.

An asterisk indicates that a candidate did not provide a yes or no response. Expand the answer to see if a written response was provided.


Lin Goetz

Karen McDonald

ACLU Launches Voter Education TV Ads in Oakland County

Primary ELECTION: AUGUST 4, 2020