Michigan’s flawed bail system drives mass incarceration. 
Tell your lawmaker it’s time to fix it.

Michigan’s bail system is badly broken.  

Every day, nearly half of the people in Michigan jails — about 8,000 people presumed innocent — are waiting for a trial because they can’t afford bail.

They sit in jail for days, weeks, and even months simply because they are too poor to pay for their freedom.  

 This unjust system impacts entire communities and has an especially  disastrous effect on communities of color.

Being locked up for even a few days leaves people at risk of losing their jobs, homes, custody of their children, and educational opportunities.

Unfair and unaffordable bail restrictions trap people in a cycle of poverty, recidivism, and incarceration that can devastate families for generations.

This past year, the Michigan Legislature passed a series of laws that go a long way toward transforming our criminal legal system.

But the work is not done. We must build on this momentum. We can’t wait. 

 Contact your lawmaker today and tell them we must pass bail reform legislation this year.

Together, we can transform our bail system so that it works for everyone.